Dear President Joe Biden: Regulations Won’t Solve Tech Monopolies, But Decentralization Will

By a very wide margin, the most effective thing the federal government can do to address FAMGA’s impact is to provide a friendly regulatory environment for crypto and let capitalism do its thing.

When Interviewing a Startup Law Firm, Talk to Senior Lawyers

It’s easy to get the impression, particularly when all you read about startups is a handful of publications representing a pocket (albeit a very vocal one) of the broader tech ecosystem, that the legal decisions startup entrepreneurs often face have all been standardized and templatized. But in truth, this is a façade. Extremely important, and […]

Lies, Damned Lies, and Startup Legal Fees

Spend enough time working in startup ecosystems, and you’ll hear a whole spectrum of conflicting advice about startup legal fees and working with lawyers; some of it great, and some of it total nonsense.

When VCs “Own” Your Startup’s Lawyers

There’s a game that, as Startup/VC lawyers, we’ve seen played out across many ecosystems. We’ll call it “own the lawyers,” and because it benefits repeat players (professional investors, service providers) at the expense of first-time founders – and the former are usually the people controlling the microphones – it rarely gets discussed publicly.

Net Neutrality Repeal Endangers Startup Growth

The Internet has revolutionized the way we interact, study, research, and do business. As a modern care coordination company based in New York, we use the Internet to help families manage the care of loved ones across the United States. Our ability to reach those families is threatened by the repeal of net neutrality rules, […]

Juro Raises $2M to Transform How Your Company Handles Contracts

Adults still play email tennis when trying to work out the kinks of a legal contract with the endless back and forth and redlining. Thankfully, London startup Juno updates how you edit and finalize legal documents. Utilizing smart-documents, the company provides the legally binding contract platform for end-to-end contract management. The contract workflow tool provides […]

The Legal Dilemma Of Intelligent Machines

Walking into XPONENTIAL 2018, I was dumbfounded by the keynote speech by Professor Zeynep Tufekci of the University of North Carolina. To paraphrase, ‘In the future, we will no longer need two pilots, planes will have just one captain and a dog. The dog will be there to bite the human in case he touches anything.’ […]

Autonomous Drones: Where, How and Why

Dor Abuhasira, expert in security drone development and the CEO & cofounder of Percepto, discusses how autonomous drones are saving lives, money and more.