Dear President Joe Biden: Regulations Won’t Solve Tech Monopolies, But Decentralization Will

By a very wide margin, the most effective thing the federal government can do to address FAMGA’s impact is to provide a friendly regulatory environment for crypto and let capitalism do its thing.

The Crypto Crash Isn’t a Crash, It’s a…

I’ve written 250+ crypto-related posts since I saw the crypto light on June 29th, 2017. The most widely read of all those posts is titled “7 Thoughts On Blockchain, Cryptocurrency & Decentralization After Three Months Down The Rabbit Hole”. The 5th thought was “ It’s A Bubble….So What”. I went on to explain: I say “so what” because […]

BCB Group Raises $4.55M to Provide Institutional Banking Services to Serve The Crytocurrency Economy

As concerns grow over inflation and increasing interest rates, the cryptocurrency market has been looked at as a natural hedge to preserve capital. This popularity has led to more and more institutions looking to build exposure to blockchain and cryptocurrency. BCB Group, a provider of crypto banking services, makes cryptocurrency more accessible for cryptocurrency exchanges, market makers, funds and corporate traders, and cryptocurrency-specific projects. The company provides a host of services including exchange services, treasury management, custodial, wealth management, interest accounts, and foreign exchange. London TechWatch caught up with CEO and Cofounder Oliver von Landsberg-Sadie to learn more about the inspiration behind the company, the state of the cryptomarkets, the company’s future plans, latest funding round from investors that include North Island Ventures, Blockchain.com Ventures, Pantera Capital, L1 Digital, and Pack Capital. This is best described as a seed follow-on or pre-Series A raise.

Why Bitcoin $100,000 is Inevitable

My market cap target for bitcoin is $2 Trillion, or $100,000 per bitcoin ever to be mined. This target is predicated on bitcoin growing its market share of store of value from 2% today to 17% by 2024 (assuming gold holds its current market cap of $12.5 trillion).

Bitcoin Does Not Define The Future, It Just Highlights The Start

It has been said that trust is the real flaw of the banking system. Inevitably counterparties must outsource their trust in each other to the bank as an intermediary, and with recent headlines, we can see that consumer confidence in banks is weakening.

The World’s Falling Apart, What Are You Going To Believe In?

I grew up believing in American exceptionalism. That the U.S. was better than other nations. That’s what I was taught. When I looked around, that’s what I saw. But among many other lessons, Trump has taught me that the U.S. is a banana republic, just like most other/every other nation in the world. And that actually makes […]

Facebook is Dying, Libra Won’t Save It, and Wall Street is Clueless

I was the first person to call Mark Zuckerberg in 2004 and offer to buy the company (I was running Bolt at the time). In March, 2010, I published the first Wall Street style research report on Facebook on a Tumblr blog, with a $100 billion five year price target (it was actively trading in the private markets at […]

Bitcoin : The Worlds Best Store of Value, 2024 Price Target = $50,000

Target Price = $50,000 (assumes $1 Trillion valuation and 20,000,000 BTC, fully diluted) I’ve been around the block. In the 90s I was an equity analyst following media companies at Goldman Sachs. I loved it. But the internet came calling, and I jumped in. After my 2nd company, I became an angel investor and then a VC. […]

Why The Facebook Coin Could Be A Watershed Moment In Crypto

While I focus on crypto, I’ve written a lot about Facebook over the years. I was the original Facebook bull following the publication of the first Wall Street style research report on Facebook in March of 2010. In April of 2017, I started writing about “The Profound Implications of Five Increasingly Dominant Tech Companies” (Facebook, […]

The Reason That Bitcoin Popped and Uber Flopped

As of the writing of this post, Bitcoin is the top performing “asset class” of 2019 YTD, up 89% YTD. Bitcoin is up 22% in just the past week. And everyone wants to know why. The Markets Swing Between Bubbles And Crashes I have a word I use to describe the tendency of markets to become […]